Nutrition and Benefits of Freshwater Fish for Health

Fish contains a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to health. Not only limited to sea fish, you can also get various nutrients and benefits of freshwater fish.

Freshwater fish generally live in rivers and lakes. In Indonesia, there are various types of freshwater fish including tilapia, white snapper, freshwater sardine, and catfish.

Although awareness to consume fish in Indonesia continues to increase, but it is still relatively low when compared to other countries. In fact, the benefits of freshwater fish or sea water fish, including an important source of nutrition to support body health. Fish meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, vitamin D and low in saturated fat content.

Recognizing the Nutrition Content of Freshwater Fish

In Indonesia, freshwater fish is familiar as a daily menu. You can get the nutrition and benefits of freshwater fish through the consumption of fish as follows:

  • Parrot fish
    For those of you who don’t like fish because of the fishy smell, tilapia can be an option. Tilapia, including freshwater fish that does not smell too fishy, ‚Äč‚Äčeasy to process and has a savory taste. Tilapia contains vitamin B12, which is one of the important compounds for the body in maintaining energy. Nutrition and benefits of this type of freshwater fish include high protein, vitamin and mineral content, as well as low fat. Therefore, it is good for people who are sick or old people who have a risk of heart disease, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • White snapper
    White snapper or Nile Perch generally has a large size, so it is usually available in the form of fillets or steak or steak. Although large, the texture of snapper is soft and easy to digest. This fish is also worthy of being a mainstay menu because it is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Freshwater sardines
    Small freshwater sardines are silver in color with a unique taste. This fish is usually dried first and then consumed whole. Freshwater sardines contain vitamins A, B, and B complex that the body needs. In addition, this type of fish is also rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These three nutrients are important for the development of a child’s teeth and bones and are very useful in supporting the health of pregnant women.
  • Catfish
    To get the benefits of freshwater fish, you can eat the most famous fish in Indonesia because it is so easy to get that is catfish. This freshwater fish contains many nutrients that the body needs such as protein, fat, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, sodium, and iron. The advantage of this fish is that it contains low mercury so it is safe for pregnant women to consume.

Tips for Eating Fish Safely

Some people may not like fish because of various factors, ranging from the high price, do not know how to process it properly, to the concern about the content of mercury or other toxic substances.

For those of you who are worried or doubtful about consuming fish because they contain mercury, you should be more observant in choosing the fish you consume. So that you no longer feel worried and uncertain, here is a list of fish that are high in mercury content and also fish that are low in mercury content:

  • Fish with high mercury content
    Fish that tend to be high in mercury content such as swordfish or swordfish, mackerel, canned tuna, grouper, and marlin. The fish should be avoided, because it can indeed endanger health if consumed continuously.
  • Fish with low mercury content
    You can switch to eating catfish, tilapia, sardines, salmon, squid, or anchovies that are low in mercury.

Also, make sure the fish you consume are fresh. You can check from the eyes to the texture of the meat. Fresh fish eyes stand out with bright shiny black pupils and clear eye membranes. Fish gills appear bright red with an elastic flesh texture when pressed with fingers.

Nutrition and the benefits of freshwater fish for health is a pity not to be missed. Pay attention to the selection of fresh fish by healthy cooking, so that you can get optimal nutrition and benefits.